Wireless setup for small harps

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    adam-b-harris on #150571

    Hi All,

    New to the forum. I’m a professional musician from Australia and am involved in a number of musical activities in order to stop myself from having to get a real job. Recently I’ve been finding considerable success as a folk harpist. I’ve been doing corporate type gigs with a Dusty Strings floor harp, playing irish dance tunes, great American songbook, Broadway tunes, pop classics and the like. Pretty much your standand background music gigs (actually quite similiar to what I used to do on a piano, but for some reason people are appreciating it now that I am playing those tunes with a harp).

    I am interested in a wireless type set up for doing roaming/festival type

    Heba Mostafa on #150572

    Dear Adam,
    I can make a recommendation regarding the harness for the harp. Alot of the ones sold for folk harps have no padding, which means that within 20 minutes it is digging into your shoulder. What I did for mine was buy a strap for a bass guitar and alter it. It is about a one hour project at most. You may need to remove some of the length of the leather strap to allow the padded part to rest on your shoulder and re-stitch it to the plastic attachments.. It works really well, it is very cheap (about 18 british pounds vs 35 plus shipping for a folk harp harness) and you can pick from a wider range of styles, colors, than you could for a folk harp harness.
    Anyway, I hope this helps.

    bernhard-schmidt on #150573

    Hi Adam,
    Go for a UHV System with diversity technology

    adam-b-harris on #150574

    Thanks very much for all your help. I wasn’t aware that any sort of harness was commercially available, but I will try the homemade route first. I have a strap for a heavy banjo with a resonator that I don’t use anymore I will try and modify it to the job.

    Re the wireless, I was thinking UHF but its good to get an opinion from someone who obviously knows what they are talking about. I wasn’t aware of the diversity thing so that will help with my selection.

    Thanks again


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