Windy Wedding

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    Kelly R on #151776

    If you are playing an outdoor wedding, and the wind starts blowing and makes some music through your harp strings, do you pull the harp back and try to dampen the strings in the hopes of eliminating the “windchimes”?

    jennifer-buehler on #151777

    I usually damp them, especially if the minister is talking or the couple is saying their vows while the strings are ringing.

    mr-s on #151778

    oh Kelly don tell me about windy weddings, i have the whole experience about it, but a negative experience, flying scores, strings playing by it selves, turning pages, i do weddings especially at summer time, outdoor , i sit on the stage wich located inside the swimming pool and every thing is opened arround me only winds take the chance to play with me , i

    jennifer-buehler on #151779

    I rarely use anything more than two pages outdoors

    helen-rudd on #151780

    I keep all my music in plastic page holders in a binder and the wind can’t grab them.

    mr-s on #151781

    Hi Helen, i am using a nylon page holders too but its windy to the deal that the pages turns by it selves from the first page to the last , oh dont want to remember that, i try to stop the pages by my left hand and play only the right.ohhhh.

    kay-lister on #151782

    I use the nylon page holders as well and yes the wind will grab them too.

    mr-s on #151783

    hi Kay, no i am experienced in turning pages,and now very used to control my self and my music if the wind changes me some page of the music i am playing. thanks for the advice of the rubber band.

    Misty Harrison on #151784

    This might be weird but I usually put my (long) tuning key on the stand to hold the page. It’s easier for me than trying to stick it under a rubber band (although that’s a good idea) and it’s heavy, plus I can move it when I need to to one side or the other or both. I use a binder with the pages too but they’re right, those pages turn by the wind often especially by the lake.

    David Ice on #151785

    I always have clothespins with me. Easier to manipulate than rubber bands.

    David Ice

    Sylvia Clark on #151786

    To eliminate wind music, I turn the mike off during the ceremony when I’m not playing.

    joan-steinberg on #151787

    Kay, I tried using your rubber-band method today at an outdoor wedding.

    unknown-user on #151788

    Yes, many windy weddings over the years here in Texas – I, too, have all my music memorized so that I don’t mess with page turns or run the risk of blown over music stands (that happened to a friend of mine and her music flew everywhere) – the wind here can be very “gusty” and unpredictable – I sometimes

    helen-rudd on #151789

    I have to ask…what is the “autumn gliss” ?

    unknown-user on #151790

    Hi Helen –
    It’s the last section of “Autumn” by Marcel Grandjany where the glissandi start – for the wind thing, I just change the pedals as though I was also playing the hands – it’s really fun – now, I bet you can hardly wait for another windy day 🙂

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