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    So, alright, is there anyone besides me, who would love to see a harpist they admire, in Harp Column, that they hadn’t seen already? If you do who would it be and why?

    I was thinking, who would I want to see in our Harp Column Magazine? Who would I love to see an article about, an interview, a small snippet maybe, just to add on to the HCM “article repertoire”? I would love to read an interview on L-O-R-E-E-N-A M-C-K-E-N-N-I-T-T. (Front cover photo, as well.:) Yes indeed. LOREENA MCKENNITT. Hint Hint Hint.

    I have a reason. She is all I want to be in music — singer, musician, composer/arranger, lyric adapter etc. LOREENA MCKENNITT is more than that but, she means so much to someone who has just begun to discover that music may have a place for her. I don’t know where, but…there is a place. So I cross my fingers and send a message to the heavens (and Harp Column heavens), that one day an interview of her will be done in the magazine. (HC she is on tour right now, but I’m sure time will slow down a little, just so you can get an interview in). Hem hem. Thank you everyone.

    Here is Loreena, playing her L & H Troubadour lever harp.

    Cheers 🙂


    I’d like to see an article about Rhett Barnwell…not only an accomplished performer on pedal and lever harp, but a composer/arranger as well – not to mention just an all-around nice guy!

    Sherri Matthew

    I second Loreena McKennitt. Would like to see generally more coverage of lever, wire and folk harpists (nothing against pedal harp but I don’t play it). And I agree with Elizabeth, Loreena is a fine musician!


    Andy, I took three workshops with Rhett at Somerset this last weekend , and I can’t say enough great things about him! Outstanding presentations, every one of them, excellent use of humor, professionalism, content and top notch music!

    One of the things he used in one of the workshops was his book of Handel adaptations for lever harp. What a great idea! I’d love an article that contained a list of his arrangements. I can’t wait to start working on them.


    I would love to see some wire harpers as well. I don’t know who all has been covered in the past. for all I know, Ann Heymann has been featured already but some of the most prominent wire harpers are doing a great deal of scholarly research that is really fascinating.

    Jerusha Amado

    Has Elizabeth Volpe ever been featured in HC? She writes beautiful and intriguing music for both pedal and lever harp, and has a distinguished career as the principal harpist for the Vancouver Symphony. She also teaches harp and adjudicates for various events, and she served on the board of a successful World Harp Congress.




    I wonder if they have some of the old issues archived online? I think it was about 5 years ago or so that they featured Joanna Newsom. That’s when I started my subscription 🙂


    Oh wow really!? Does anyone know if I could find it online somewhere? I’d loveeee to read it!


    Hi all: Yes, we did interview Joanna Newsom a while back. Issues before Sept/Oct 12 are not currently online, but I will see if it’s possible to get that interview up for you sometime soon.


    I have one other person, for now, that I would love to see, (if she hasn’t already) in HC is Cecile Corbel. I know that one of Corbel’s cds was listed in HC, as one to listen to. In fact, because of that, I searched to find one of her songs on youtube (amazing how we can quickly get to these things), and I first found the video of Corbel’s “Blackbird”. It’s quite a song. But since then, I purchase most of her music.

    Allison Stevick

    I love her music! My son and I listen to Yarim Gitti on repeat… 🙂


    Oh dear, I have another person (If she hasn’t been covered already). Ok last one. Her name is Destiny of Harpist in the hood. She plays both pedal and lever. I saw her at a Essence Magazine event in Manhattan, a couple of years ago. The song she sang was Hope On the Horizon. I have to say, in addition to Loreena McKennitt, I was so inspired to learn the harp.


    Allison- I too, love the song Yarim Gitti. I would love to learn this song 🙂


    I third Lorena McKennitt. Among other things, she plays the same old Troubadour I play. Also, I’d like to see an article on Celso Duarte (Senior). Also, a wire-strung harper.

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