Who was Renée David, to whom Tournier dedicated Au Matin?

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #187664

    Who was Renée David, to whom Tournier dedicated Au Matin?

    MusikFind1 on #187677

    In Paris about 1928 there was a publisher Editions Renée David.
    Altough the Marcel Tournier, Etude de concert in F Major was published in 1910.
    Dedication A Renée David
    Publisher Info.: Paris: Maurice Senart, n.d. M.S. & Cie. 3657

    Tacye on #187689

    Someone of that name who I presume was the same person was 2nd runner up in the Conservatoire class in 1912 http://bluemountain.princeton.edu/bluemtn/cgi-bin/bluemtn?a=d&d=bmtnabh191207-01.2.12&e=——-en-20–1–txt-txIN——-#

    carl-swanson on #187716

    My copy of Au matin, also called Etude de Concert, has a dedication to Mme. R. Benda. I met her many years ago when I studied in Paris. I’m sure she was a student of Tournier. The story I heard, I can’t remember where, was the Tournier gave her the manuscript for Au matin before he went off to serve in the First World War, telling her, “Make sure this gets published if I don’t return.” I wonder if R. Benda and Renie David are the same people, but one was a maiden name, and the other a married name.

    Tacye on #187717

    The publication date which goes with your story fits better with the Maurice Senart publication number than the 1910 date does.

    Angela Schwarzkopf on #187765

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I recently completed my doctoral dissertation on Marcel Tournier. I have checked my records, and Renee David is listed as a student of Tournier on the 1911-1912 conservatory class list. It also states that she was admitted to the school in 1910. Although Tournier was not teaching at the conservatory in 1910, it is possible that she was a student of Tournier prior to her admission to the conservatory. Tournier frequently dedicated his repertoire to his students so this link is not surprising. I hope this helps!

    Angela Schwarzkopf

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