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    I recently bought a pedal harp (L&H Style 30!), but it didn’t come with a transport cover, and I would like to buy one.

    The Lyon & Healy concert grand size transport cover set is $675 on The Harp Connection, and on

    I’ve also found a company called Four Seasons that makes transport covers, and a full set from them would cost around $330.

    Does anybody know of other companies that make transport covers? Which cover would you recommend buying, and why? I’d rather spend $330 than $675, but I want to make sure I’m getting a good cover.



    Carl Swanson has a harp cover now. He discusses it in this forum. I’ll think of it if I purchcase a new cover in the near future. A lot of harp covers don’t fold well, so when they’re not on the harp they take up a ton of room. His would also allow you to open it where you want to via ties instead


    I have bought a cover from four seasons. It was the fully padded one. It was very well made, and the fit was perfect. I also bought the 45.00 base cover. It’s not fully padded, but it’s really all you need for protection, as the cover goes all the way down to the floor. The base cover just enables you to set it down outside while loading and unloading, without getting the bottom of your harp dirty.

    I also have a transport cover from Lyon and Healy for my 85GP, and while it is a bit better, I don’t think I would say its $345.00 better!


    They all make good covers but I will say one thing for the Lyon & Healy ones: they are not waterproof but they are very water-repellant. My harp (and I) were caught in a major downpour. I was soaked and the cover looked very wet, but inside it was totally dry. As long as the harp was protected, it didn’t matter that I looked like a drowned rat. When you spread the cover out over some chairs or something, it dries rather quickly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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