Which Pelleas et Melisande?

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    Sylvia on #186328

    Which Pelleas?
    The Faure (I never heard of the others ..Sibelius, Debussy, etc,) says HARPES, but I think he means for them to play at the same time…I never see it split. I have the part shown here on IMSLP.

    Gretchen Cover on #186329

    Yep. That’s the version I have. There is no way two amateur orchestral harpists are going to play that part in tandem. My death wish only goes so far.

    Tacye on #186330

    Unison for movements 1,2 and 4 – the 3rd is marked solo and changes from harpes to harpe. Much more fun to have a companion – especially if there are other pieces to play in and not turning up just for those 3 movements.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #186865

    I thought you meant which composer? Sibelius and Schoenberg also wrote a Pelleas et Melisande vastly different from the Faure!

    Sylvia on #186867

    I put a separate thread because this other one drifted off into Pelleas & Melisande.
    If you read down through it, you’ll see where it veers off after quite a few replies…and no one ever said which P&M they were referring to.

    Gretchen Cover on #186874

    Saul and Sylvia, I said “yep, that is the version I have” to the link that Sylvia posted. If anyone clicked on the imslp link above, it is very obvious the Pelleas referred to in this thread is the one by Faure. Tacye posted the next comment which referred to the Faure Pelleas by noting it is in 4 movements, 3 of which can be played in unison by more than one harp. She got it.

    Tacye on #186876

    And speaking of death wishes, should anyone ever risk an encounter with the Schoenberg P&M parts my considered advice is to ensure you are several miles away!

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