Where to buy Delacour harp levers.

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    rufus-gill–2 on #76639

    Hi People. Does anyone know where to buy oneself Delacour Levers. Can’t find their website page.

    Tacye on #76640

    I am sure Teifi harps will know – Teifi’s own levers have much the same mechanics, but different handles.

    rufus-gill–2 on #76641

    Thanks for the info Tacy.

    e-nb on #76642

    Starfish harps fit them to their harps as standard. Maybe you could ask them?

    lynne-edwards on #76643

    I know this is an old discussion, but I looked up Delacour on the French company info site when their own website disappeared. They have been run by an official administrator (liquidateur) since October 2011.

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