Where Have You Played Your Harp?

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    c-k on #107659

    McDonald’s, a movie theater (Charlie Chaplin silent film), a camp ground in Teton National Park……..

    ralph-thomas on #107660

    At the top of a ski area. Not too exciting but the only way up was by gondola and they wouldn’t stop it for my harp. I’ve played in a couple of plowed fields too but hey, this is Vermont. I said, “No!” to crossing a stream with my harp.

    onita-sanders on #107661

    The most unusual but rather rewarding was playing request at a very large cematary. I was surrounded by black swans as I played on my black harp.

    kay-lister on #107662


    Now that sounds really neat!!!


    Pat Eisenberger on #107663

    I’ve played in a run-down shopping mall at Christmas time with a red kettle for the Salvation Army. One of the best experiences of my life!

    unknown-user on #107664

    that is so sad but special. it is so wonderful that you could do something so special for people when they are grieving.

    hannah-roberts on #107665

    I play in three yoga classes each week.

    rojean-loucks on #107666

    Hannah, that’s intriguing to me, because I’m scheduled to play in a couple of yoga classes this fall.

    hannah-roberts on #107667

    Rojean, that’s so neat! I’d love to discuss more about it with you. I just sent you an e-mail.

    tonie-ogimachi on #107668

    Hole-in-the-Wall Anchorage in Southeast Alaska, on the eve of the commercial salmon season opener. I played for the blessing of the fleet.

    unknown-user on #107669

    In a big old tree. It was on a platform half way up

    Karen Johns on #107670

    Now that sounds like fun! :-)


    unknown-user on #107671

    It was my brothers 18th birthday party and we had a Lord of the Rings theme! It wasn’t as bad getting my Troubie up the tree as I thought. We strapped it to my brothers back in a canvas bag

    shelby-m on #107672

    Haha, I can imagine!

    bill-grant on #107673

    Well, at least you could be certain your instrument was ON pitch !

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