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    HBrock25 on #150627

    I am currently trying to find an arrangement of nat king cole’s When I fall in love suitable to play on my lever harp for a couple who have requested it for their wedding. I have only been able to find piano arrangements which have so many accidentals I cannot move my levers fast enough! I really don’t want to let them down- I wonder whether anyone has an idea where I could find it?


    michael-rockowitz on #150628

    Here’s a simplified version of the chords, in the key of C, that minimizes lever changes:

    patricia-jaeger on #150629

    Laura, I don’t have a harp arrangement for that piece, but I think since you found a piano arrangement, you could adapt it. First see if the melody, or soprano line, has any accidentals. If not, just leave it alone. Now the rest of the harmony underneath was surely designed for a pianist with 5

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