what’s your theme song?

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    deb-l on #103780

    There is usually a harp song stuck in my head at any given moment.

    jessica-wolff on #103781

    I have more than one theme song, and they aren’t necessarily “harp songs”–though of course I play them or try to play them on the harp. In general they are NOT lighthearted.

    deb-l on #103782

    not even the banjo tunes Jessica?

    andee-craig on #103783

    Didn’t Steve Martin say something like, “It’s impossible to play the banjo and not be happy”?

    jessica-wolff on #103784

    The banjo is inherently bright, brassy, cheeky, in-your-face and all of that; but it can also be dark and brooding, even menacing. Listen to some of Dock Boggs’ songs, such as “Oh Death” or “Pretty Polly.”

    By and large, I am more likely to share pieces between harp and guitar than between harp and banjo. For example, it would not be odd to play the Bach Chaconne on harp and on guitar. The banjo is possessed of greater ‘tude (disrespectful). That’s one of the enjoyable things about playing three different instruments, all of them plucked strings but all different.

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