what’s your favorite youtube video at the moment?

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    deb-l on #157350

    my favorite is always changing, been caught up in paraguayan harp lately.

    deb-l on #157351

    another favorite, can’t help it this is wonderful and had to share.

    jessica-wolff on #157352

    I really like the version of “Flores de Asuncion” you posted, but picking a favorite? Oh, dear.

    They range from Celso Duarte (Sr.) playing music from Orfeu Negro to Arianna Savall playing Tarantela de Ribayaz with Pedro Estevan on percussion to William Macdonald’s twin daughters playing Brian Boru’s March on flute and harp (not the best version, but one of the most appealing), and the harps range from metal-strung to Paraguayan/Mexican to lever harps to antique harps to pedal harps.

    jessica-wolff on #157353

    Add to that lizlops007 (“Lizzie”) Dussek Sonatina #1 1st Movement played by a young girl on an old Erard with staggering coolth and mastery, considering her young age. No, actually you don’t have to consider her young age. She’s just plain good.

    unknown-user on #157354

    1st movement of the Jolivet concerto with Lily Laskine.


    unknown-user on #157355

    Faure Impromptu played by Isabelle Moretti. I love that she plays with so much freedom!

    cc-chiu on #157356

    Faure’s Impromptu as played by Catrin Finch… I really wish that I’ll once be able to play that piece (but it’s not very likely, unfortunately).

    unknown-user on #157357

    Hi Ching Chuan! I love Catrin Finch too! Isn’t the Faure the most beautiful piece ever?? One day

    deb-l on #157358

    her version of chicken-picken rag was pretty amazing, her fingers really fly on that piece!

    Carm Zephyr on #157359

    My favorite video at the moment is Junshi Murakami playing Michael Nyman’s “Big My Secret” on a lever harp. It’s my most favorite piece of music. I just adore it. On piano and harp, It’s beautiful on both 🙂

    deb-l on #157360

    Michael Nyman AKA harphedgehog!

    HBrock25 on #157361

    I just love watching this video of Fabiola Harper playing Billy Jean by Michael Jackson.

    Mira Devi on #157362

    My favorite is Deborah Henson Conant’s: Baroque Flamenco. If you haven’t seen it yet…… it’s a must watch.

    deb-l on #157363

    Debora Henson Conant is my one of my favorite performers, I love that video

    Baroque Flamenco

    jessica-wolff on #157364

    I like her a lot too but favor “I Love You Just the Way You Are” and the man-in-the-moon song where she talks about her mother.

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