What to do when you can not try?

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    Philippa mcauliffe on #162624

    I would be most grateful for advice here.

    My tall 9

    carl-swanson on #162625

    Buy a pedal harp and wait until you can try out various instruments and pick out the one you like. That’s your best shot at getting exactly what you want.

    Ken H. on #162626


    Liam M on #162627

    I would definitely wait until you go on holiday and then have her try all the varieties that she can. I believe our harps, like lovers, sing to us, seducing our ears. But we respond with our hearts to our true lover’s voice.

    Now you would not want your wee lassie to be unfaithful now, would you?

    unknown-user on #162628

    There is a good harp maker in New Zealand, Kim Webbey.

    carl-swanson on #162629

    Actually, if you’re going to travel to see harps, I would wait and go to a major harp conference, like the American Harp Society or the World Harp Congress. During those conferences, all the major harp builders have harps on display and you can try them all, in one room. It’s like a harp department store for 3 days.

    patricia-jaeger on #162630

    Georgina, there will be a major harp gathering of harpists, to be held in the A.C.T this month. There will be harp exhibitors, music, workshops, etc. Send an e-mail to Mary Peemoeller at harplore@mac.com. She can let you know which harp companies will be bringing harps to display, and can answer questions you may have. In the U.S., at such harp festivals, people are often able to acquire a pre-owned harp from a private seller, if there is a bulletin board for such an exchange of information. Good luck!

    Philippa mcauliffe on #162631

    I know, I know, it is such bad timing.

    Tacye on #162632

    There are harp shops in the UK, but you would need to travel around to play all the different models available (London for L&H and Salvi and nearby for Pilgrim, Cardiff for Salvi and Camac and near Oxford for Aoyama, unless you could come to a festival- The Edinburgh harp festival will be at the start of April and last year had L&H Pilgrim Salvi Camac and Aoyama pedal harps- I am sure there will be a Welsh festival with a similar line up too.

    Paris has a good availability of harps too.

    patricia-jaeger on #162633

    Georgina, you mentioned two teachers in Adelaide. The excellent teacher just retired who taught and also was Adelaide Symphony harpist for many years, is Rosemary St. John,

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