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    Tim Kelly

    Hello everyone!

    I’m interested in learning what inspired you to learn the harp. How long have you been playing? How did you fall in love with the harp?

    I’ve been learning to play the harp for 3 months, so I’ve only just started, but I love it. Up until this point, I had never played any musical instrument, but I had always been a very creative person. (my first passion is art, you can see my paintings at if interested) Though my father and sister have always played guitar. So, I had little to no understanding of music when I started. I feel like I’ve already learned a lot!

    The Zelda videogame series is what inspired me to find a teacher and rent a harp. The series has a number of musical scores that I’ve always thought are just beautiful, namely the fairy fountain. You can hear the theme at this video:

    I was fortunate enough to see the denver symphony play the “symphony of the goddess” A celebration of 25 years of Zelda music. It was a really magical experience for me, and on stage were two grand concert harps and they really stood out in terms of beauty and elegance. On top of that, I just find the harp to be a soothing, healing instrument. But not in the kind of way that puts you to sleep. It’s refreshing, enchanting and magical. : ) What about you? I’d love to hear your story! Peace!


    Here is a previous thread you might want to look at on this subject.

    Tim Kelly

    Oh, thanks! Since my post is redundant, a mod can lock or delete this since I’m not sure how to.


    I wanted to take a break from playing viola in a community orchestra and I have an impulsive streak.


    I did guitar for a long time–played classical, but also did a lot of folksinging gigs. Then I got serious about the piano, which then led me into voice. After nine years or so of classical piano, I realized that for


    Hi Tim:

    Your question is still a good one. I think a number of questions/comments get repeated on this message board over time. But, a lot of new readers come along…so the thread will be new to them.

    It was nice of Sylvia to post the link to the previous posts on this topic. If you’re like me…’ll


    Hello, when


    Angels were the furthest thing from my mind when I became drawn to the harp in my early 30s! For me it was more about magic, faeries, ancient bards, and all things vaguely ‘Celtic’.


    When I was younger, I watched the Aristo Cats and the female cat plays the harp. I thought it sounded and looked really beautiful (even as a cartoon :D). Then I saw all those paintings with chrubs with harps and then one day, a lady played the harp at my school.

    I have finally decided that I’m going to do what I want and not live my life regretting not starting it 😀


    In answer to the question: The reality of age! I like Bella, decided it was time to do, not just “wish”!

    Sherri Matthew

    I was working on finishing my bachelor’s degree in my mid-30’s and my organ professor was teasing me one day that I was spending too much time on the pipe organ – thinking about that and nothing else. And he knew my husband had a little-used Paraguayan harp at home so he said, I think you need another instrument to balance things out a little. How about the harp? You’ve got a harp at home! Yes, I think you’re going to be playing the harp! Start filling out your independent studies forms this evening. See you in my office tomorrow! Found myself out in the hallway and wondering, what did I just agree to?? So we have a great laugh about that now, he still keeps in touch, and denies ever saying that of course (but mind you, I clearly remember the conversation!). I did do the independent study (on the history of harps) and came across the wire-strung harp that way, and just fell in love with the sound. Absolutely knew I had to have one of these instruments when I graduated, although in reality I studied on the nylon-strung harp for two years before I did get my Triplett Luna. And still in love with my wire harp! 🙂


    I never knew lever harps existed until I was in my early 40s and was drawn to it’s otherworldly quality. I had been listening to and playing traditional music on my flute and mandolin and discovered Derek BelI’s ‘Carolan’s Receipt’. I was drawn to stories and pictures, videos, of people playing small lever harps outdoors in beautiful settings. I found Sylvia Wood’s ‘Teach Yourself Folk Harp’ and started my journey.

    Allison Stevick

    My story is pretty similar to Deb’s, above. 🙂 When i was about 12 years old, I told my mom that someday I really wanted to play the harp. She said that I could, as long as I could afford it myself, since it was so expensive (that, and my parents were already paying for lots of music lessons and sports stuff for both me and my sister…). I kind of just tucked that idea away, since I thought it would never happen, but the harp was always special to me. Fast-forward about 10 years: done with college, got married, started a new job… AND I had discovered that I really like Celtic and folk music. I started looking at some websites, and videos and stuff to find more music, and that’s when I discovered that that lever harps even existed. I could watch them for hours, playing outside by creeks and meadows and all that. I knew I had to get my hands on one! 🙂 A couple months later, my first harp came!

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