What do you wear for gigs?

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    unknown-user on #149145

    Just interested in what others wear to play in various situations.
    Dresses, skirts, pants?

    HBrock25 on #149146

    I try to stay away from black wore it too much in orchestras so only when requested if I’m playing for something special and they request it.

    kreig-kitts on #149147

    I’m speaking not as a professional harpist (I’m far from it, though my cat no longer flees the room when I play), but as somebody who has seen many, many holiday wine and hors’deuvre receptions with harpists playing.

    Trista Hill on #149148

    I tend to wear a fitted black jacket, black slacks and a black or white v-neck shirt underneath the jacket during the fall/winter, and in the summer (outdoor jobs) I wear a sleeveless black tank with black slacks.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #149149

    One thing my mother always told me: never wear white to a wedding unless you’re the
    bride. I only wear formal pants with a fancy blouse if it’s an afternoon or (shudder)
    morning concert. Otherwise, I choose dresses or skirts. I have discovered that certain cuts
    of skirts do not work at all for pedal harps. When purchasing a skirt, always sit down in the
    dressing room and see if the skirt falls all over your feet. Tiered skirts, which are so
    fashionable right now, are great for staying out of the way of the pedals when you sit
    down. I also hate to wear black because I have to wear it all the time at orchestra.

    rosalind-beck on #149150

    Travelsmith.com has a great line of women’s dresses they call “travel wear” that are great for all kinds of performing.

    unknown-user on #149151

    Many thanks!

    J P on #149152

    I always wear my sexy little black dress……of course I’m a guy so that’s frowned upon 😉 ha *totally* kidding……gotta have some humor on the board 😉

    unknown-user on #149153

    Your humor is much appreciated!

    Shirley Starke on #149154

    A dressy outfit with a long, FULL skirt! I have a couple of actual formals for weddings, but prefer ankle-length, dressy street wear – this winter I had a new black velvet top with a subtle red and green floral print outlined in thin gold, that I wore with a full, flared black knit skirt. I really like velvet and have often worn the blue velvet top and velvet plaid skirt that I have on in this picture.

    Shoes? Never high heels! I have a pair of black almost-flats that I always wear for harp gigs. They are comfortable, I don’t have to think about my shoes or feet, and they don’t make my knees stick up like a grasshopper’s. In fact, those shoes are in the November 2002 picture, too. :-)

    I like to wear something that will sparkle, since I’ve found that people enjoy watching my hands. So I wear a chain bracelet or close-fitting bracelet on each

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #149155

    I can’t play comfortably with rings on. If I forget to take my wedding ring off, I have to turn my hand sideways to dampen, in order not to buzz against the strings. The ring also restricts my ability to stretch my hand. My problem is remembering to put the ring back on, so that I don’t have to dodge all the admiring males who think I’m still available! (Just kidding.:))

    shari-faber on #149156

    Very funny!

    unknown-user on #149157

    Since it is safer to be overdressed than underdressed for most
    occassions, I tend towards dressy but comfortable. I have a rather
    extensive black wardrobe, but I prefer to add in a little color with it
    like burgundy, white, or a print that blends in with

    J P on #149158

    Is that a polite way of saying some women flop outa their tops? I’m clueless at reading between the lines, I’m best served with blunt and straight to the point things 🙂

    unknown-user on #149159

    I have a light gray formal with some sparkle that

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