What Car is best for Moving a harp?

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    Meghan Caulkett on #157272

    I have a full size harp, and am moving across the country, and buying a new car when I get there. I am wondering if you have any suggestions for what cars work best for moving harps. I am hoping to stay away from mini-vans and station wagons, but please let me know!

    Audrey Nickel on #157273

    I have no experience with this personally, as my lever harp fits comfortably in the back of my sedan, and my lap harp takes up even less space, but I’ve seen people here recommend the Honda Element as a good “Harpmobile.”

    Still, if by “full-size harp” you mean a pedal harp, I’m not sure how you might get by without a van or something similar.


    J P on #157274


    There are a lot of options available to harpist today. With new models coming out every year it seems the possiblities are endless. If you’re wanting to stay away from minivans and wagons why not consider a cross over vehicle? Chrysler makes a lovely Pacifica which is a cross over. Ford has a delightful Freestyle which is a cross over. Nissan makes a bad ass murano. Dodge makes the magnum and even though it’s

    diane-michaels on #157275

    It’s a highly individual choice, and some personal factors weigh in.

    janet-king on #157276

    search this site for related postings.

    unknown-user on #157277

    I am new to harps but have been a travelling musician for some time. One car comes to mind, a Volvo 740 wagon (or a 240).

    Reliable, great in winter, super safety rating, carries gear plus a PA with room to spare. I have also, many times, transported large quantities of: children, dogs, and building materials in mine. Four cylinder model is best. Good ones have been found on Ebay. If you sell it again they tend to hold their value and you can usually sell them on for much what you paid (within reason).

    I’ve had mine for years. I would hate to part with it.

    Good luck.

    HBrock25 on #157278

    I have a Lyon & Healy Prelude lever harp, and my Scion XB is just perfect for transporting it as the seats fold flat and in several configurations- even allowing a passenger. The XB is not a van nor a staion wagon in the traditional sense- but it is most economic, comfortable and reliable (made by Toyota). You probably know it as “the box on wheels”. You will be amazed with the inside dimensions! Hope this helps.

    David V.

    HBrock25 on #157279

    I have a 46 string L & H semi-grand and have found my Ford Freestyle to be a delight

    Elizabeth Ahlgrim on #157280

    I have a Venus Paragon (so a pretty big harp) and it has been it a Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Wagon with no problem.

    Kevin Lee on #157281

    I move a lot of harps including my own and use a toyota hiace. A lot of harpists use volvo estate station wagons. Depending on the size of your harp, they might fit in a taxi. If you plan to gig a lot or move your harp frequently then I would recommend travelling covers, neck and column protectors, feet protectors and a good trolley, and padding on the base of the vehicle.

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