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    unknown-user on #165809

    Hi! My name is Saskia and I’m 16 years old. i live in Holland and am
    about to buy a second hand Venus Harp. It will be Venus Premier or
    Venus Traditional. But I’m not familiar with the Venus harps at all.
    I have always played on Camac (lever and pedal harp). So I was
    wondering if anyone could tell me something about them before I buy
    it! THNX! Saskia (P.S. Sorry for the bad grammar…….)

    unknown-user on #165810


    unknown-user on #165811

    Hi Saskia,
    You have beautiful grammar!! Anyway, I have owned a Venus Aria for almost five years now and I LOVE it. I have never had any problems, the owners are completely efficent and knowledgeable. It produces a wide, full, beautiful sound in all registers and is completely wonderful. Good luck!

    unknown-user on #165812

    Hi Saskia, I have owned a Venus Protege for almost a year and a half. I absolutely love it. The sound is beautiful and it has been problem free. The people at Venus are nice and helpful also. It is a great harp!

    unknown-user on #165813

    I could be wrong, but from all the harp retailers I’ve talked to say that Lyon and healy and Salvi are far more reliable than Camac and Venus. I’d personally go with Salvi- they’re my favorite. This is just a suggestion, i hope it helps! 🙂

    unknown-user on #165814

    Hi Saskia!

    unknown-user on #165815

    Hi Saskia!
    I just got a Venus Premier this fall, and I love it! It has beautiful sound. It was second hand as well. The lady I bought it from had had it for 10 years, and she loved it too.
    I hope whatever harp you choose is wonderful for you!

    unknown-user on #165816

    One thing to think about, Venus harps tend to be heavy on the shoulder.

    unknown-user on #165817

    I have just gotten a Venus Classic Grand Concert harp!
    It has a beutiful sound! It is very Nice sounding to.
    Venus is very nice (espically their

    unknown-user on #165818

    I prefer the sound of Camac harps to Venus, but that is just my personal opinion.

    Denise Krasicki on #165819

    I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment in the Penti
    Elizabeth, however, after searching our databases of clients
    no where does your name come up with or without a harp
    and not under the Penti’s especially.

    I’m wondering why you never bothered to contact us directly as the manufacturer if you had a complaint vrs. posting it on a public message board two years AFTER delivery.

    madelaine-gutierrez on #165820

    why is it that everytime anyone shares a negative story about a Venus harp, someone who works at their factory jumps into ultra defense mode? I don’t understand the reasoning behind that at all. If your harps are really as good as you say, why not stop trying to persuade people into literally not posting a bad experience by jumping in and always saying that the factory has “no records” and stuff of the sort? How organized are you?! I don’t understand why anyone would lie about a bad experience they had with a harp anyway. I’ve heard at least one bad story from every manufacturer so I don’t see why this one should be an exception to negative feedback. Get over it.

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