Weird resonance in bass wires–Please, help me make it stop!

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    kimberly-goodwin-helton on #199165

    I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or know solution to it: When I play the 3rd octave g and a (especially if together or in close sequence) I get this otherworldly and sometimes quite loud resonance in the 6th octave f, g, and a bass wires. It can be really loud (annoying!) when playing in a key where those notes are open strings. If I reach down and damp the bass wires it goes away until I play those particular 3rd octave notes again. My harp is a Salvi Diana, in great condition and well maintained, and has always had a little of this, but it seems to be getting more noticiable.  Any insight or suggestions on why this happens and how to stop it, or at least make it less obtrusive?

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