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    eliza-bourgault on #175223

    Hi everyone,

    I’d like to play for more weddings but I obviously can’t advertise as I don’t know enough wedding music at the moment. Do you recommend any wedding music books for harp solo? I’m a pretty advanced player so any level would do, although easy-ish arrangements would probably be better so I don’t have to spend ages practicing before a gig. It’s just a bit hard finding music sheet online or finding a good book, and I am not very good when it comes to arranging things myself.


    Allison Stevick on #178042

    I bought a “wedding and love songs” fake book that is kind of handy, and I also have the Sylvia Woods wedding book. I haven’t used them much because I don’t play many weddings, but they seem to cover the basics.

    patricia-jaeger on #178191

    Before buying a book, have a conversation with other harp players about names of pieces to look for. Then go to several web sites of professional harpists who often have lists of their repertoire in sections, and even allow you to listen to short excerpts of some in their “wedding” section. Start your own list for those pieces that appeal to you for: Preludes, Processionals for Bridesmaids and for the Bride; Meditation (if there is Communion at the altar); Recessional March, and Postludes (The congregation leaves to joyful music). If you are asked to play for the Reception afterwards, the bride may have her own ideas, often more secular and contemporary than sacred. Can you go to a local music store and visit their piano section that is likely to give you actual collections of music for weddings to look through? No two brides are alike, and if they suggest pieces that are truly dated or not suited to the harp, you need to diplomatically remind them that better, more lasting ones are a wiser choice, that they will still enjoy re-hearing on countless anniversary dates in the future! Hopefully as you play for more weddings you will gain skills in making even modest arrangements for your growing repertoire.

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