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    Patti Newson on #75439

    Does anyone know if there is a distributor for Webster Harps in Canada.

    Pat Eisenberger on #75440

    Bill is a “one man” operation,

    Cheryl Z. on #75442

    Hi Hannah,

    My favorite metronome is the

    patricia-jaeger on #75443

    I’m a teacher, so prefer the triangular

    steven-todd-miller on #75444

    I’m with Patricia. I love my Wittner. It sits right on the piano next to the harp and really looks like an art piece when the cover is on it.

    rosalind-beck on #75445

    The Boss Dr. Beat DB 90–expensive but worth it. It has far more features than I will ever need, but I love its ability to subdivide, the choice of click sounds, including a digital voice that will count for you, and the great tempo range.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #75446

    Taktell triangular shaped, wind up. I’ve had mine since 1984, hauled it around in my bookbag everyday

    michael-rockowitz on #75447

    I’ve been trying to bring my playing of jazz music – “heads” and improv – up to speed on the cross-strung harp.

    sherry-lenox on #75448

    Yikes, I still have a walnut Seth Thomas that works fine, but I also like the bare bones Korg MA-30 for putting in my pocket or gig bag.

    laurie-rasmussen on #75449

    I have an iphone and for .99 cents the “Tempo” metronome app is amazing. I have it with me wherever I go and I use it every day. Here’s a link with description and review:


    Kathleen Elarte on #75441

    Vixen Harps in Ottawa, ON with a satellite location in Toronto, ON carry the Webster Harps line.

    Kathy Elarte


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