Verlie Mills & Dorothy Ashby Recordings

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    unknown-user on #145826

    Does anyone know of how or where to get a recording of The Two Sides
    of Verlie Mills or any recording by Dorothy Ashby?

    unknown-user on #145827

    I have not seen any Verlye Mills’ recordings on CD however I have purchased 2 Dorothy Ashby CD’s within the last year. They are:

    The Jazz Harpist, Dorothy Ashby/
    Heritage Jazz 513673K (I think this is distributed only by Musical Heritage Society)

    Dorothy Ashby, In a Minor Groove/
    Prestige PCD-24120-2—-

    unknown-user on #145828


    Penny McCulloch on #145829

    Ebay–for all things “harp”!

    sharon-avis–2 on #145830

    I have almost all of Dorothy Ashby’s recordings.

    steven-todd-miller on #145831

    Dorothy Ashby’s “Afro-Harping” is amazing.

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