Variations sur un theme mineur – Renée Hansen-Jamet

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    Alexandra Annandale on #189234

    I wonder if anybody happens to know in which year this piece was composed. I can’t find anything on the internet, except that it is available in print from Leduc (1946). I assume it is the year in which it was published. But I need to know in which year it was composed. Renée Hansen is not on Wikipedia, and I have no other sources that have her in them. Please can somebody help?

    carl-swanson on #189236

    Alexandra- Renee Hansen was Pierre Jamet’s wife. She taught theory and harmony at the Paris Conservatory and was the first harmony teacher of Pierre Boulez. Let me email Marie-Claire Jamet, Pierre Jamet’s daughter and see if she knows when it was composed.

    Alexandra Annandale on #189271

    Many thanks, I would be most grateful.

    carl-swanson on #189422

    Alexandra- I just got an email from Marie-Claire Jamet. She doesn’t know when her mother composed that piece because she doesn’t have the manuscript. She thinks it most likely was composed during the war and published right after, hence the date 1946.

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