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    unknown-user on #164670

    Is it better to purchase a new Lyon and Healy 85P, or a used one that has been broken in and is in excellent condition? Thanks. Paul

    andy-b on #164671

    When I bought my 85P, I got it used from a reputable dealer.

    unknown-user on #164672

    I was wondering where you purchased your used harp? Thanks. Paul

    andy-b on #164673

    I got both that harp and the Prelude I have now from the Virginia Harp Center.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164674


    I also got my harp from Virginia Harp Center. They were most accomodating, honest, fair and forthright. I felt very nervous purchasing my harp from them, as I had never had anything to do with them — or any harp store — previous to this. I feel I got very lucky finding them. My new Athena Ex. came in perfect condition — shipped when there was a lull in the freezing weather so it would not be too stressed in the cold. That was in Feb. 06. The harp was 2 years old and had been used at Interlochen in their summer program for 2 years. They gave me an original 5-year warranty on it since it was hardly used. In Feb. 07 I took it to Tom Bell for my free regulation as they provided that too within 18 months of purchase and it needed some adjustments. They were just wonderful. Last summer, I was in Delaware and my brother and I planned on driving up to the Haddonfield store just so I could try different harps. I am fairly new at this and just wanted to play some harps — and buy some strings. I talked to the owner and he strongly encouraged me to come and play the harps. I played all afternoon, and he was so very nice and kind. There was a young girl in the store who wanted to practice but was on vacation with her parents. The owner took a 23 into a practice room for her and she practiced on it for a couple of hours. They are really really nice people.

    I ended up buying my travel covers from them as a result of such super service, and I always buy my strings from them. I deal with other harp stores for music and accessories too, but the VA Harp Center is my favorite.


    unknown-user on #164675

    Hi Paul,

    Good question. Well, if its an excellent harp and is in great condition, and you love the sound – then it might be worth going for that one. At least you know you like it.

    You could get a technician to do an assessement for you, or take a harpist with you that knows a fair bit about structural things…

    Yes, having a warranty is handy….but as harps vary so much, if you find one you like I’d snap it up! New or old. I’d only buy new if you could have a choice.

    Hope this helps, its just my thoughts.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164676

    Hi Rosemary!!! Good to see you.


    brook-boddie on #164677

    Welcome back, Rosemary!!!!

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