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    unknown-user on #166496

    Hi all- does anyone know if any of the University of California campuses offer classes/majors/minors in harp?

    unknown-user on #166497

    They used to, I think. I think a few of them may do so now. I can recommend highly Karen Thielen, who teaches at San Jose State University. Is Redlands a UC campus? I think if you were at the major campuses, there would be a teacher available in the area, if not on faculty.

    Jennifer Ellis on #166498

    There are programs at UCLA (although with limited space), UC Davis, and UC Irvine.

    Cheryl Z. on #166499

    Hi Brianna,

    You might check to see if The Master’s College in Santa Clarita still offers harp.

    tonie-ogimachi on #166500

    About 25 years ago, I studied harp with Joy Hujsak at UC San Diego, while minoring in music there. She was a really good match for me. I would check with each campus, to see who’s teaching now.

    charissa-barger on #166501

    Lou Anne Neill teaches at UCLA and she is a very warm person!

    Simone Salmon on #166502

    Lou Anne Neill is my teacher at UCLA right now. She’s the principle harpist for the LA Phil, and she’s wonderful to work with. She usually doesn’t accept grad students because she loves to start students off on their feet, but that doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t offer admission to someone she felt really deserved it. There is no harp minor here at UCLA, only a major. UC San Diego also has a harp program.

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