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    ChelseaDeklotz on #186083

    Hi there

    I’m playing for my friend’s wedding this coming May in NYC and need to find a way to move my harp from my 3rd floor Brooklyn apartment to the venue. I’m weary to have friends help me move it because of the flights of stairs.

    Luckily, the groom has offered to pay for transport. I’ve had little luck finding a company who would do this – the only one I found that responded suggested using a 20-foot truck and two men, total overkill.

    Any suggestions? Advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance,

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #186088

    There are a few or several professional harp and instrument movers in New York City, and they should be able to handle the stairs, though they will charge extra for it. I don’t have their names, but one service is called Boxcar, I think. Can we compile a complete list here? Somebody sent me a name once, a husband of a harpist or friend, I think. I could use the names, too. You can have friends do it, if they are strong, but train them first.

    patricia-jaeger on #186091

    Chelsea, I’m thinking that if you join the American Harp Society you would be able to contact other harpists who live in New York City (at least 41, from Manhattan to the Bronx, and Brooklyn and beyond). We all receive a directory with listings by state, with addresses of other members; such a help in getting connected. Living on the 3rd floor and needing to get to street level with a harp, with no elevator available, is such a risk that someone needs to help you who knows what to do. Have you tried a piano store, that would have careful movers that take valuable pianos up many stories with no damage?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #186320

    Piano movers are capable, but they charge an arm and a leg.

    ChelseaDeklotz on #186343

    Thanks for the advice, everyone! Mario from AHS gave me a few names of harpists in the area who then led me to people they used for movers. For anyone else’s future reference – I ended up going with Gary Boxer at Sound Moves (

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #186727

    I just found a note to that effect, but didn’t realize that was one and the same. He used to call his service Boxcar. But know that, even though they are used to moving harps, it doesn’t mean they are gentle or pad them well in the van.

    ChelseaDeklotz on #186787

    Very good point, thanks Saul!

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