Tournier Berceuse (ded. Mazurette) misprint?

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    le_sacre on #245623

    Hi all, anyone familiar with the Berceuse by Tournier (not the Berceuse Russe; the simple one dedicated to Ruth Mazurette)?

    In measure 10 in the right hand, there’s an F# grace note tied/slurred onto an F# (repeated note, same octave). On YouTube I found some performances where they play the grace note as a D (matching measure 5), and others where they play a repeated F#. I could also see an argument that, exactly as notated, you would play a single F# (before the beat) since the grace note is tied onto the same note.

    Musically, I’m inclined to change it to a D, but I figure someone might know better!

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    Gretchen Cover on #245627

    I looked at my score and tried that measure (have not played this in a few years). I think it is F. Look at measures 8, 9. Grace notes are F. Measures 3, 4, 5 have the D grace notes.

    le_sacre on #245748

    Thanks, Gretchen! My teacher looked into it and says it’s meant to be G. So, lots of options! 😀

    Gretchen Cover on #246356

    I am interested to know how your teacher concluded the grace note is G. I listened to Catherine Michel, a world renowned French harpist and instructor, on YouTube and she plays a D.

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