Tips for a new harp teacher?

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    unknown-user on #167183

    I’m going to start teaching very soon.. and I’d like to know if any of you have any lovely
    tips fer me. I’m looking forward to this because I plan to save the money for the Salzedo
    I’ve got my eye on. It’s actually going to be my first concert grand.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167184

    Make sure you don’t overload the student with too much information all at once. Write
    down every important point in a workbook that they must bring to the lesson every week.
    Make sure they READ the workbook (they can sign it, or you can ask them questions from
    it, etc.). Teach technique and practical theory at each lesson, along with some pretty
    pieces as a reward. If the pieces are too dull or ugly, the student is not going to be
    inspired. Make sure they buy some good harp CD’s and go to good concerts so that they
    get a sense of what they are working towards. Teach them how to practice effectively.
    Make sure their hands are always relaxed and they don’t stop breathing when they play.
    Give them performing opportunities when they are ready, but teach them how to prepare
    for a performance, so that their pieces are reliable even under stress. Keep a binder for
    your teaching. In it, keep track of what each student is working on, who you’ve loaned
    your music to, what parts they are playing in ensembles, if they have paid in advance, etc.
    Always be tactful. Don’t be a doormat, but don’t browbeat or terrify students. Music is
    supposed to be joyous. Have fun teaching! You’ll find you learn from them as much as
    they learn from you.

    Tacye on #167185

    Remember students are not clones and don’t try to squash them all into one size fits all.

    unknown-user on #167186

    I suggest that you keep a separate notebook or folder on each pupil and keep track of what you tell them, what you cover. It can be very easy to think you have told one pupil something when you actually told another. I would also have them bring a list of the music they own and keep track of what they have, so you know what to assign or tell them to buy. Good luck.

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