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    M Rodgers on #146271

    I apologize if this is a redundant post. I don’t see the option so search posts anymore for similar listings.

    Has anyone been approached or worked with the Bridal Salon? They are based in NY but they do shows across the country. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback on them.

    In general, I don’t find bridal shows to work unless I am performing and not stuck in a booth. I normally don’t pay, but have a reciprocal agreement with the show.

    I appreciate any comments about the Bridal Salon or any major shows in general ( I understand there is a huge one in Houston that nationwide vendors rave about…) Obviously in my case, regional shows work best, but I am curious about results at show nationwide.


    David Ice on #146272

    Do your homework.

    kay-lister on #146273


    I have done

    M Rodgers on #146274

    Thank you David and Kay. I am very pleased with the few shows that I do because I do get treated well and am promoted heavily.
    David, while Saturdays are still popular, I am booking Fridays and Sundays as well for weddings. I am fortunate that in my area, many brides are eager to book alternate days…all of us win!

    I am asking in particular about the Bridal Salon because they tout themselves as being the

    onita-sanders on #146275

    I wish I could help you in particular with the show you are askin, but I will tell you that I had a similar experience with the same type of show that touted catering to the higher end brides. Forget it. They above all other brides in general deal with some type of co-ordinator who tends to all these details. These brides are just as flustered as those spending far less. In general their weddings are much further removed from you because of the expense-unless you just happen to run in the same circles.

    So in light of what I have just written, I will be focusing on the co-ordinater shows. They book not only brides, but corporate shows, etc. where entertainment is needed. They have to widen their horizans to stay in business and not just deal with brides. To date I have not had to pay a dime.

    M Rodgers on #146276

    Thank you for your response. You put into words the what I have been feeling. I agree with you and it makes sense that the high end brides aren’t “hands on” but hire a wedding planner. I have found myself dealing more and more with wedding planners the past few years. I still have the brides who have ultimate control but many of them are relying on the advice of seasoned planners.

    I have also since found out that this particular wedding show is wooing many vendors in my area and quoting some outrageous prices for advertising and booth space. Amazing.

    Thanks for checking in a commenting, I value your opinion because I know you have the experience to back it!


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