THe Perfect Harp Car

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    kirsten-osborne on #145202

    I have been using a Ford Taurus Station wagon for the past four years to transport my harp to gigs.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #145203

    I love my Outback, but it’s a little tricky getting my concert grand in there — has to go on an angle with the front passenger seat moved pretty far forward. It works. Not hard to get in, but I know for a fact it doesn’t slide in as easily as the Taurus because my teacher has the Taurus and she showed me how easily hers goes in. But ooooh I LOVE this car. I had it before I started on harp, so it was just meant to be — the harp and me.

    Elizabeth Volpe posted that her Toyota Sierra (I think that was it) van was a really great car for her harps. But I don’t imagine it gets super mileage. Come to think of it, the Outback only gets about 25 mph average combined highway/non-highway miles.


    erin-wood on #145204

    I loved the Taurus too for loading.

    michelle-winston on #145205

    I had a Taurus forever and loved it with my concert Venus…but with a need to seat 5 kids…that required a minivan, so we choose the Town and Country with Stow n Go seating…the seats all fold flat in the car so I can get the harp in flat, or with my new “harp seat” that we built, I can get it in between the seats with the column down, but isn’t resting on the column and I can still get 3 kids in not that it happens often.

    J P on #145206

    A Dodge Magnum will fit a Concert Grand quite nicely. To the poster that had issues with a Concert Grand, not sure what you were doing but a CG does fit. If you like the taurus wagon check out the Ford Freestyle, it’s a cross over between a Wagon and SUV and has loads of room for harp related activities.


    Mel Sandberg on #145207

    I have a Renault Kangoo.

    kathy-saffel on #145208

    We have a 2003 Chevy Astro Van. It has a bench seat behind the driver. I can fit our L&H 85CG laying down flat in the back. The column will slide under the bench seat and I can still carry 5 people, the harp dolly, stool , music stand and other gear. This is our second Astro Van and they aren’t pretty, but they are perfect for hauling harps!

    unknown-user on #145209

    We’ve been looking for something better on gas AND something good for driving to college.

    Sarah Mullen on #145210

    I saw that somebody mentioned the Toyota Matrix.

    barbara-brundage on #145211

    Others rave about the Matrix; I find it’s adequate for anything up to a semigrand and just barely possible for a CG, but not comfortable at all Since I only move my 11 once or twice a year this works okay for me, but it’s not a car I’d want if I always moved a CG. I’m sure others will disagree.

    To drive with a CG in the back, I must sit close enough to the steering wheel that I would be in serious trouble if the airbag ever went off.

    barbara-brundage on #145212

    Incidentally, if you don’t need a car immediately, you might want to wait. I believe the matrix is due for a total redesign this winter sometime.

    janet-king on #145213

    Hi Sarah, I’m the resident Matrix fanatic.

    Sarah Mullen on #145214

    Thanks so much for all of your help!

    barbara-brundage on #145215

    >(And Barbara, what do you know about a re-design??

    Haven’t seen it in person, but it looks like maybe you’d be better off with the current model, just from looking at the pics. (More angled rear window in the new one).

    barbara-brundage on #145216

    Also looks like maybe lower EPA. Can’t remember the official numbers for the 2008, but I get an average about 32.5 MPG in mixed driving.

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