the most hands breaker piece for you

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    mr-s on #149322

    Hello ,what is the most hands breaker pieces for you? now i am practicing La Source Zabel, once a freind in the column told me that its a hand breaker piece and now i am sure of that, and Sonate Cardon f minor also the same,it takes the whole energy of the hands. what about you???

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149323

    Well, there are different types of hand-breakers, as you put it. For length, it would be Daquin’s Le Coucou. For athletics, it would be Salzedo’s Ballade or Recessional. For gymnastics, it would be Salzedo’s Variations. For endurance, it would be his “(Flight)”. For sheer speed, his Whirlwind. For performance, it would be the Pescetti Sonata or the Harmonious Blacksmith. For all of the above, it would be the Sonata by C.P.E. Bach. And then there is Halffter’s Danza de la Pastora, in a class by itself.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149324

    My cure is doing lots of LaRiviere-type exercises: every possible fingering pattern. It ends up toning and relaxing the fingers very much, so they are much more comfortable doing more. Any pattern you play in a piece, if you have done it thoroughly in an exercise, it is much easier to play.

    steven-todd-miller on #149325

    “Prelude in C” by Prokofiev. OUCH!

    mr-s on #149326

    yes Steven Prelude Prokofiev is one of them but its not the same as Cardon sonate f minor, for me Mozart concerto easier than Cardon, and the middle part of La Source Zabel L’istesso tempo where we play in the highest register C.B.A.G.F.E etc…. uffffff, needs hours and hours of practicing every day.

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