The Harp Gathering – Sauder Village, Ohio

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    holly-kemble on #159220

    Hi Guys~

    I had so much fun at Beginning in the Middle that I signed up for the Harp Gathering in Ohio this May 14 – 16.

    Frank Voltz and Pamela Bruner are on the faculty. (Loved Frank at BITM….and really like Pamela’s ‘Play the Harp Beautifully’ books…)

    Is any one else out there attending?

    Let me know!


    Pat Eisenberger on #159221

    I’ll be there. I went last year, and my husband said that I was walking three feet off the ground when I came home. I’ve been looking forward to attending again for the past year! You can read about my experience in my blog at The Celtic American

    kay-lister on #159222

    Pat, I loved reading your blog – great stuff!

    holly-kemble on #159223

    Hi Pat~

    I’m glad you are going and that I get to meet you and your harp. Are you taking your McFall?

    I enjoyed your blog. I confess I’ve never read ’12th century music’ and ‘jamming’ in the same sentence!

    Can’t wait! Kay….I wish you were going, too.


    Pat Eisenberger on #159224

    Hi Holly –

    Of course the McFall is coming with me. I can’t wait to show it off!!!!!

    holly-kemble on #159225

    Great! See you there.

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