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    Pat Eisenberger on #108867

    Speaking of harp publications, I just received an email from someone who recieved their new issue this week. I haven’t gotten my mine – anyone else here on the mailing list that’s gotten theirs?

    brook-boddie on #108868

    Pat, I received mine yesterday.

    alice-freeman on #108869

    Mine arrived in Wyoming yesterday.

    — Alice

    jennifer-buehler on #108870

    I just noticed that you wrote one of the articles.

    Pat Eisenberger on #108871

    I’m beginning to get concerned that mine got lost in the mail. Could you kind people hold on to yours in case mine is lost? I would really love to see my article in print.

    Anonymous on #108872

    If you haven’t received it yet, go ahead and contact them and they can resend.

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