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    David Ice

    For what it’s worth, I’ve re-set several numbers from THE FANTASTICKS in my Sibelius software to get rid of page turns, fix errors, and just improve readability of the new “computerized” part from MTI. In other words, I reduced 7 pages to 3 on the OVERTURE, and ROUND AND ROUND went from 20 pages to 11. In the case of the latter, I also fixed all those things you know needed to be done–eliminating ledger line hell by just writing in the treble cleff and/or using 8va markings, plus page turns and fingerings and consistent pedal markings!

    I’ve also re-fingered and re-configured what hand plays what on several pieces, which (at least for me) makes it vastly easier to sight read and play. My parts are 99% the original, with very little editing. What I’ve typeset is:

    1 Try To Remember
    4a This Girl
    12a Moonlight
    14 Abduction Ballet
    23 Much More – Reprise
    24 Round And Round
    26 They Were You

    These are performance tested, and I find makes life much easier just in terms of readability.
    Let me know if you need them. I’m not trying to violate any MTI thing–just offering these to harpists to make life easier.


    Hi David,

    It sounds great. I would be interested. Would it be downloaded from the computer or are you going to publish it? By any chance would you be coming to the AHS National Conference in New Orleans in June? could I get it there? The Naples Harp Ensemble is going to be performing—want to join us?

    Barb Kraichy


    What a generous offer! 85 pages, and some of the turns in the harp part have continuing eighth notes; impossible to continue if both hands are busy. I would greatly appreciate whatever you care to send to me, David . My street address is in the AHS Directory of Feb. 2013, on page 138. Let me know the amount to reimburse you.

    David Ice

    No charge…..just send me your email address and I can send them to you in .pdf form that you could print out yourself. It’s not the WHOLE score….just those awful spots where you have to wonder what they were thinking when they laid the book out! I’m at

    David Ice

    Hi Barb,

    Just email me and I can send you pdf files.

    If I can get to Naples I’d be happy to play with your ensemble!@


    Wish I had know you 2 years ago when I was playing Fantastics at 3 different theaters. I will be emailing Thank soooooo much.


    Any chance I could have the harp parts?


    What would be a reasonable amount to ask for per service to play The Fantasticks? Thanks!

    David Ice

    The usual around my area is a minimum of $75 per service. Sometimes more, as there are usually only 2 musicians used.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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