The Angel Gabriel Howell Arrangement

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    rebekah-atkinson on #191551

    I have been requested to accompany a choral group on “The Angel Gabriel” in a few weeks, and I am thinking about trying to incorporate the Howell arrangement accompaniment, because it seems more suited to the harp. Has anyone ever tried to do that, is it worth attempting with a different choral part, and does anyone have the Powell version or have a recommendation where I might be able to purchase and download (not really time to have it shipped in…)? Thanks very much!

    patricia-jaeger on #191552

    Rebekah, I have neither the Howell nor the Powell arrangement of that carol, both mentioned in your post. I have two copies of The Angel Gabriel, in different keys, and with different words and different melodies. If either of these is similar to what the choir is singing, and might possibly help you, just e-mail me and I will send you electronically either version A or B, described here: A: from – free Christmas carol free sheet music. Words: Basque carol. para. Sabine Baring-Gould(1834-1924). Harmonized by Edward L. Stauff. Key of G minor. Measures 1 and 3 are in 9/8 meter; the others in 12/8. Four verses, the first beginning “The angel Gabriel from heaven came…..
    B: Organ arrangement. Five Verses. Key of E minor. “Traditional”. 4/4 meter. First verse begins: The Angel Gabriel from God was sent to Galilee…
    This is not the Christmas story, but rather the story of the Annunciation.

    rebekah-atkinson on #192339

    Hi Patricia, Thanks so much for your help, I appreciate you taking the time to weigh in! Somehow, I missed your post 🙁 but if I had seen it earlier, I certainly would have taken advantage of your generous offer. Hope your holidays were great!

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