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    Sherj DeSantis

    I have been thinking the past two days, about the number of people in the harp community who have done exceptionally nice things for me, and wondered if any of you also had fond memories you would care to share. It’s almost Christmas time and it seems a time for me to be very thankful for these


    What a wonderful thread!

    I am thankful to my friend who sold me my first harp.


    I’m thankful to the late Mr. Don Henry who sold me my first harp and helped me find a wonderful teacher.

    I am thankful to that teacher, Ruth Berman-Harris, for not only teaching me but for opening my horizons to music I never would have thought to consider before.

    I am thankful to the late Derek Bell who was my main inspiration to play in the first place.

    I am thankful to all the wonderful writers and arrangers who have produced the books and arrangements that have provided a wealth of resources. Including, but not limited to, Sylvia Woods, Yolanda Kondonassis, Deborah Henson-Conanat, Carlos Salzedo, Lucile Lawrence, Sam Milligan, Dewey Owens, Barbara Brundage, Verlene Shermer, Lousie Trotter, Paul Baker, Edward Bunting, Mildred Dilling, Deborah Friou, Jan Jennings and Ray Pool, being names of authors I turn


    Nice and great thread, indeed.

    I’m thankful to:

    * those who made this forum and all people talking here
    * Rosemary ‘Curls’, who sent me the nice postcard from Tasmania (!!) directly in that day I was in the worst mood I could be.
    * Rainer Thurau – who made me the best harp in the world!
    * all that people working with me at my workshop.
    * everybody who give me the new experience and new ideas.
    * for God – for everything He gives me.


    Right now I am grateful I have a job (with good health benefits) that also allows me enough time to play harp in the evenings, play the occasional gig, and teach lessons to those just starting their harp quests. I am grateful to my partner who helps make this schedule possible in many ways: putting up with the disruption of students arriving and shelties barking, making dinner, and moving her own schedule around; she is also a fellow amateur musician who encourages me to try more difficult music and


    This IS a wonderful thread!

    I am thankful for my first pedal harp teacher, without her patience, I would be able to play harp.

    I am thankful for my lever harp teachers, Tina Tourin, Kim Robertson and Frank Voltz, without them, I would not have understood the differences in style.

    I am thankful for my occupational therapist who helped to teach me how to stretch the small muscle and the ligaments in my hands so that I can keep playing harp when my doctor told I could not play any longer.

    I am thankful for all my harp students; they help me to learn and learn again.

    I am thankful for all the wonderful means of communication among harpists; the AHS Journal , the ISFHC Journal,

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