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    Christine on #165686


    This is my first post!

    Bonnie Shaljean on #165687

    Welcome to HarpColumn, Christine –

    You’re lucky to live in Scotland because there is a very exciting harp scene there.

    Bonnie Shaljean on #165688

    “Clarsach” is another name for lever harp.

    Christine on #165689

    Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for your reply, I’m in the North-East (aka the least harpy area!!)

    Yeah, I’m a member of the Clarsach Society and always go to the Edinburgh International Harp Festival which is AMAZING (I would throughly recommend it to anyone by the way!)

    There just doesn’t seem to be many people my age playing the harp, plus its really interesting to get to know people from other countries and see what it’s like over there! :-)

    Nice speaking to you,

    Christine x

    unknown-user on #165690

    Hey Christine,

    This is my post as well. I’m 17 from VA. I play lever harp, well starting to anyway. I have my first real recital in Dec.

    unknown-user on #165691

    Hey Christine,

    I play harp as well, except I’m 13 and have been playing for about 4 years.

    unknown-user on #165692

    im a teenager from the US. you should

    zach-hatcher on #165693

    hey glad to know there are others of the harp clan around the world.

    Fien Barnett-Neefs on #165694

    Harpist in England says hi. (;

    Philippa mcauliffe on #165695

    Hi from Adelaide in Australia – there are only a couple of young harpists in this city too

    natalie-g on #165696

    I’m 14 and a beginner lever harpist from New Orleans.
    Scotland sounds like a lovely place! I’m sure there are other teenage harpists around, maybe hiding!
    There’s a small amount in my city, but I’ve only personally met one other teenage harpist and for only about five minutes, haha.
    Glad to hear there are more of us around the globe!~

    elly-mccabe on #165697

    Hi Christine and everyone. 😀
    This is my first post too, I’m almost 18, live in Bristol, England and have been playing my lovely little 22 string lever harp since this January. Considering I’m self-taught, it’s going well, and now my life seems to revolve around harp! I’m so jealous of you playing a pedal harp. I’m getting a Camac DHC 36 string electro harp this week, I am so excited!

    If yourself or anyone fancies chatting I’m really friendly and would love to chat about all things harpy at ellymccabe@rocketmail.com

    hopefully speak to some of you soon!
    Also, have any of you heard of Erika Kelly? She’s been playing harp for 11 years and has some amazing YouTube videos up, she did an awesome cover of Lady Gaga’s paparazzi and Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song, you should check her out. 🙂

    E x

    HBrock25 on #165698

    Hi Christine!

    I’m from the California in the US, 19 yrs old. Been playing for about a year and a half on the lever and am LOVING it. Hoping to move up to pedal harp soon. Kinda sucks that there aren’t really any harpists around my area in my age range. Would love to get in touch with some younger harpists, maybe show me some stuff you know. =D


    joseph-pagani on #165699

    Hi Christine!!

    I’m 17 from New York, I’ve been playing harp for about 4 years now and actually because my High School started a harp ensemble my freshman year, so there’s actually about 7 of us right in one school!! What’s your email, love to keep in touch with other harp players, especially from other countries!


    phoebe-levien on #165700


    This is also my first post 😀

    I’m 15 (16 in October) and I’m from Dorset in South West England. Sadly, my area lacks in anything to do with harps, so it’s quite hard sometimes! I play the lever (Celtic) harp, and have only been playing for about 2 years.

    It would be awesome to speak to some other harpists around my own age ~ I can’t seem to find them very often!!!

    Phoebe 😀 xxx

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