taking my harp to college…?

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    unknown-user on #167569

    I’m a high school senior this year in Colorado, and next year I’m
    going to college in Massachusettes. It would be very difficult for
    me to transport my pedal harp across the country, but the school I’m
    attending has only one pedal harp for about 7 students! Are there
    any other harpists out there that have any suggestions? Do most
    college students take their harps across the country with them?

    unknown-user on #167570

    if your going to live there, i think it would be a very wise decision to take the three days or whatever it takes to safely transport your harp here to masschusetts. whenever you stop at a hotel just make sure to tune up so it doesnt get TOO messed up. your going to love it hea=re in massachusets! boston is my FAVORITE place in the world, tehres so much to do- i love it!

    unknown-user on #167571

    If you’re studying professionally at college than I would say that you should definately take
    your harp with you. I know that if I went to college/university I would want my own harp,
    even if it were the other side of the country!

    unknown-user on #167572

    Definitely take your harp.

    Evangeline Williams on #167573

    before definately taking your harp, figure out where you get to keep it.

    unknown-user on #167574

    Very good words of wisdom!

    unknown-user on #167575

    Evangeline’s story reminded me of my college, to which a style 15 was very generously donated by an alumnus, after a special request by the school, so I would have an instrument to use. It was stored with the practice organ, which, luckily, nobody seemed to want to use much. It was a nice harp. Somehow a foot on the harp got broken, but got fixed. It couldn’t possibly have been from my moving it to and from the concert hall. Several years after I graduated, there hadn’t been any students there for a while, and the faculty member apparently didn’t ever visit, because the harp was in its trunk and not in tune or anything. The next time I saw it, the sounding board had pulled out of the base and broken off. It was sickening to see how it had been neglected. They haven’t owned another harp since.

    B Y on #167576

    I would just be careful.

    Tacye on #167577

    Certainly keeping your harp in college may involve keeping it in situations which are less secure than it is at home.

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