Tailleferre Typo??

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    janelle-lake on #151532

    Hi harpists!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151533

    I have never seen the Peer edition. Where did you purchase it from?

    I believe that there are many errors in this publication, in the Meridian edition at least. Some were corrected in an article in the American Harp Journal a long time ago. Others were not, but look wrong.

    You are right, that is a G# in that measure. What gets me is three measures earlier when that pattern is first introduced, and there is a note left over in the left hand at the end. I swear, any sensible composer would mean that to be the first statement of that pattern, followed later by two more. But the hands don’t match up in the same way, their high and low notes happening in different places. It is also very irritating how they did not use any leger lines in the left hand, instead, putting left-hand notes on the right-hand staff.

    In the second movement, Tailleferre is inconsistent with the left-hand pattern. Playing every note as written is very awkward, and sounds unclear. But then, toward the bottom of the second page she fixes it, with a 4 123 123 123 pattern, so, I use that pattern throughout the movement, so the bass note can sustain, and on the third page, I take out some of the left-hand notes that are played at nearly the same time by the right hand. It leads me to think that

    janelle-lake on #151534

    Hi Saul,

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