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    karen on #215199

    I am an adult learner and last July, I spent a week at “Harp Camp”, and found it a rich experience on so many levels. The retreat setting was spectacular, everyone had their own practice rooms, the food was fabulous–a week of no cooking! The focus was on harp and laughter. Canadian International Summer Harp Institute just opened their registration for this July. Last year there were 12 students to 3 teachers (harp legend–Judy Loman, Julia Kay Jamieson and Gianetta Basil–who masterminds the whole event) The US dollar to the Canadian dollar is really strong so the price is excellent–especially from the US. Canadian International Summer Harp Institute.
    Individual bedrooms and practice rooms, masterclasses, private lessons, ensemble, workshops, Faculty concert, morning yoga, great food.
    It won’t allow me to attach weblink so just google Canadian International Summer Harp Institute. Feel free to contact me if you have questions—as someone who attended last year, I can offer many details.

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