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    Tacye on #111660

    I wonder if it would be productive for us to come up with a simple and concise guide to posting to the forums and ask Kim to post it at the top of the main page, or anywhere alse appropriate.

    I suggest it covers:
    Politeness, including personal attacks and choice of language/font.
    Posting messages once only and in the most relevant place
    Respecting the very varied community we have here and harpists different aims, resources and locations.

    carl-swanson on #111661

    Tacye- My understanding is that Kim or someone else in her office reviews all of the new posts every day and anything offensive is deleated. I just put a post up on that Venus/Lyon& Healy comparison thread, and I would repeat here that people should think carefully about how they word their questions or posts. I think in that case it was inappropriate to pose a question that basically asked ‘which one is better, Venus or L & H.’ I would be offended for all the harp technicians if someone asked here ‘Who is the best harp technician?’ A much better way of wording the questions in my humble opinion would be ‘Do you own a Venus or a Lyon & Healy, and what do you like/dislike about your harp?’ On the theoretical technician question, it would not offend anyone to ask ‘Which harp technician do you use and what do you like about him?’ Aside from that, it’s difficult to set up ground rules.

    unknown-user on #111662

    I am against censorship, and those sorts of rules come too close. We should be free to express ourselves…for the most part.

    unknown-user on #111663

    Hear, Hear, Saul!

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111664

    I agree with Saul on this.



    jennifer-buehler on #111665


    barbara-low on #111666

    I also agree with Saul regarding censorship, but it would be so much more pleasant if people did practice some restraint when they respond to a post they have an issue with. I’d vote for more politeness.

    barbara-low on #111667

    What would be nice in the forums is the ability to edit your own posts for misspelled words and typos.

    Bonnie Shaljean on #111668

    Where does anyone call FOR censorship?

    john-strand on #111669

    In the harps and accessories post, I see that George has an addendum that he has been in a serious motorcycle wreck and is working at getting back into a life – I, for one, have worked in the past with rehabs and serious head injuries, and given the content and manner of his posts here, it could be quite true. These folks can certainly be forgiven some erratic processes as a part of their healing – also, the extent of recovery can be quite variable

    David Ice on #111670

    Hi John,

    I concurr with your post.

    Amiable Aardvark on #111671

    IF his injuries are the reason for his behavior.

    David Ice on #111672

    Of course any consideration is based upon the truth of his statements.

    Amiable Aardvark on #111673

    The screen name – a common practice in forums – is because I occasionally post things about my students where I need some feedback from peers (in particular the “Harp Mothers” thread) in which I don’t want any of the characters identified, and said mothers can access this website as easily as anyone else.

    David Ice on #111674

    No problem, Amiable.

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