Stroboflip tuning pickup attaching.

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    unknown-user on #163739

    Thanks for all the advice re tuning the lower strings. I bought the new Stroboflip Tuner from Sylvia Woods, and I highly recommend it. Now, can someone advise me how to attach the tuning pickup to the harp as it doesn’t clip on anywhere. I am afraid of damaging the wood with tape, so what is the safest thing to do? You might like to know that I attach the tuner to a lightweight small folding camera stand

    Sherry Gardner on #163740

    I just bought that wonderful tuner, too, and my harp and I both love it.

    unknown-user on #163741

    Sherry, can you describe it clearer. I have an L&H 85 SG pedal harp. What do you mean by ‘sound hole’? Thanks.

    unknown-user on #163742

    It may be that the only place you can clip it on and get a reading is by clipping it onto the brass plate between studs. I am not all that happy with mine, and this is the only way I get the pretty much full range of the harp in one position. I don’t if I use it in the back of the harp.

    Sherry Gardner on #163743

    I have an L & H 85E, so our harps are very much alike. The sound holes are the openings on the back of the harp, through which you can see the

    unknown-user on #163744

    Thank you so much Sherry. I works beautifully. Now I am saying “Why didn’t I think of that!” It is so simple when you know how. I wasn’t looking at the top only the bottom. Thanks again.

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