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    Heather K Veitch on #190309

    Hi All,

    I had to restring one of my lever harps last night and I dropped the envelope that I currently keep my strings in. Needless to say, strings all over the music room floor and now they’re severely disorganised.

    It occurs to me that I am perhaps not storing my strings in the most optimum format (!), so I wondered — how do you store your strings? What methods work best/least for you? Are there any specific bags or accessories you would recommend for string storage, please?


    Heather x

    Biagio on #190312

    I store strings of the same size coiled, in zip lock bags with the range and size written on the bag – e.g. “0.025 C7-G6”. If they are cut to length I’ll label the individual strings too and if any are metal I also slip in a bag of desiccant. Rice works OK in place of the desiccant.

    Since I have several harps the entire set is sorted by harp, with dividers, in a plastic box. You can usually find all of this stuff in a large office supply store.


    Alison on #190315

    I just put an elastic band around octave sets….. they are already in plastic ziplocks.

    Sylvia on #190316

    I have pedal harp strings, but for nylons and guts, I put each octave in a separate ziploc, and the whole bunch in a large ziploc. I put the wires together in their large ziploc.
    I found that rubber bands dissolve, and the plastic bags are much better and protective.

    patricia-jaeger on #190320

    In a lightweight black attache case, ready to go with my harp whenever we are playing out somewhere, I put these, along with other small items like the wire cutters/pliers combination tool, business cards, small clamp-on cordless Mighty Brite lamp, etc:
    1 small 6×7-inch almost-round padded zippered cloth CD case, found at a drug store, with many sections inside, containing third octave and above strings, beginning with third F; all larger strings in a zip-lock plastic “slider” bag, 9 1/2 x 10 3/4-inches, beginning at 7th C, upwards to 4th oct. E. All of these in original envelopes. Snack-size zip-lock bag holds string-anchor bits plus a tiny fold-up scissors from a fabric store notion section.

    angie-kelly–2 on #190345

    I have a string bag that I purchased maybe 10-15 years ago that I keep most of my strings in. They no longer sell those specific bags, but some shops carry the Bow Brand string bag. I’m thinking of getting a new/additional string bag, and am thinking some of the items designed for scrapbook or quilting storage might work. I found a small craft storage bag at Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago and inside I stashed a tuning key, lever adjustment tools and some strings.

    angie-kelly–2 on #191595

    I recently came across computer disk storage containers on amazon. Got them for storing craft supplies are discovered that harp strings fit in there. Plan to use it for my older strings – the ones that probably shouldn’t even be used they’ve been around so long – and keep newer strings in my string bag.

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