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    Katie Chow

    Hi all,

    I’m used to practise at studios. Recently, I wanna buy my own harp at home. Experience of playing on different size of pedal harps, I found that I should practise on a concert grand size in order to adapt the string spacing. (I found that if I’m used to practise on a larger harp with larger spacing, then I can freely play without difficulties when shifting to a smaller harp, but if I’m used to play on a harp with smaller spacings, I just cannot play on a larger harp, everything go wrong). I played on L&H 85 CG and 85 SE, and found that the string spacings are very different between the 2 harps although the official said the extreme width of the 2 models are both 99cm. My friend and I measured the C to C’ string distance of each octaves of the 2 harps and found that the readings of 85 SE is actually much smaller than the CG one (It’s even smaller than L&H’s lever harp Prelude…so strange…).

    Now, I’m interested in 85 concertino. Does anyone play this harp and measure the C to C’ distance of each of the six octaves for me as a reference for making the purchase decision?

    Thanks a lot~

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