String gauges for Pilgrim Ashdown

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    elizabeth-nicholson on #216175

    Hi folks!

    I just purchased a Pilgrim Ashdown that is in need of some restringing. I have loads of gut strings already (both lever gut and concert gut) for my other harps, so I’d prefer not to drop $500 on a full set of strings that I don’t need, But I do not know the string gauges for the Ashdown. I have a micrometer, but the strings that are on the harp now seem pretty random — I don’t think they’re correct. I’ve contacted the company to ask them but they seem unwilling to provide me with the information — presumably because it will mean I don’t end up purchasing a full set of strings from them. So I’m wondering if anyone here can help me out. Does anyone know the gauges for the Ashdown? Know anyone that I can inquire with? Any help would be much appreciated!!!


    charles-nix on #216183

    Since that is a UK manufacture, maybe someone at Clive Morley harps will have the information? Or you might try Bow Brand themselves?

    In the US, Vermont strings (or Robinson harps or North Shore Strings), or Markwood strings might have seen one before–though it would be much more likely that they would have a nylon chart than gut.

    The chart may be a simple as “lever gut” gauge, in which case you could cross reference to the BB pedal gauge rather easily–but the c’s and f’s would get you in trouble–the wrong strings would be colored. The lever gauge is roughly a fifth lighter, if memory serves.

    As a further choice, if you can find someone who has a factory-strung new model, you could measure it. Or, it is not too hard to calculate a stringing chart for a harp from scratch, especially if you have an assumption that most of the existing stringing is correct. On a string spreadsheet, noticing the “outliers” is easy.

    Charles Nix

    Biagio on #216190

    As Charles mentioned, calculating the correct gauges is not difficult if you have an analysis program. An Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded for free from Musicmakers:

    Lever gut and their gauges can be ordered from Vanderbilt or Morley.

    This harp is designed for “Celtic” playing and tension; although you do have extra gut, many who choose this style prefer nylon for it’s brighter ring and somewhat longer sustain.

    Getting the correct parameters for the wound strings is trickier, since there are potentially many variations for the core, bedding, and windings. You might wish to order those directly from Pilgrim even if doing the analysis interests you.


    emma-graham on #216191

    Why don’t you contact Pilgrim harps direct? They are very helpful and I’m sure they would be able to give you the information you need. They are at the Edinburgh Harp Festival at the moment so may not be easy to contact until after Easter but they would definately be my first port of call.

    andy-b on #216192

    Hi, Elizabeth:

    I’d recommend you contact Laurie Nielson at Markwood Heavenly Strings ( She has 5,000 harp string charts on file; I’d be surprised if she didn’t have Pilgrim’s already. I’m sure she’d be able to help you out.

    Markwood Heavenly Strings
    PO Box 1137
    Phoenix, Oregon 97535 USA
    Phone: 541 535-7700

    Cheers, Andy

    Tacye on #216227

    The Ashdown takes lever gut:

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