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    catherine-rogers on #162993

    An ebony Lyon & Healy Prelude lever harp was stolen May 18 from the Atlanta apartment of Maya Davis, a student of Monica Hargrave. The serial number is 51032 and there is some chipping on the front feet. A man has contacted the Atlanta Harp Center and another harpist trying to sell this harp for cash. There is also an ad for the stolen harp on Craig’s List on the internet.

    The police have been contacted but this is to let you know in case you are offered this harp for sale.

    Fairy Reel on #162994

    This reminds me of the 23 that used to be listed on this website. Someone said that a gilded 23 had been stolen. How do you steal a harp? We all know they are not small. So the people most likely to know how, where, and why to steal a harp would be harpists themselves–and yet, a harpist ought to know that things like serial numbers are so easy to check, especially in the relatively small harp community. It is just so odd. Stealing a harp. My goodness.

    Coincedently, I have never seen an ebony prelude.

    I hope that Ms. Davis finds her harp unharmed and in a timely manner. Hopefully she is insured….

    barbara-brundage on #162995

    Not at all, Fairy. I have known people who have had their harps (and cars) removed at gun point. The average thief-type person knows nothing about serial numbers and is not going to fence it to anyone who does, either.

    L&H once told me they had gotten back a gold harp that had been stolen, and the thieves had sawed the column into pieces, thinking it was all gold. They were disappointed.

    Also, I have known of harpists stealing harps, too. There are a few people out there who have to stay out of certain countries now.

    unknown-user on #162996

    A man walked into the stage door of the Metropolitan Opera and walked off with one of the harps awaiting pickup by the harpmover. The security guards didn’t bat an eye, as the regular harp mover looks pretty scruffy himself. The man (homeless type) carried it as far as Broadway, and was caught trying to hail a cab that would be able to fit it in.

    Daphne Hellman left a harp in her parked car and someone stole it.

    It happens plenty.

    I had my harp bench stolen, as well as a music stand at a rehearsal.

    David Ice on #162997

    At one orchestra rehearsal, I had my tuning key stolen during a break.

    barbara-brundage on #162998

    Ergonomic tuning key, David? They thought it was a hash pipe.

    David Ice on #162999

    LOL….no, it was the usual T shape tuning key.

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