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    sidney-butler on #149199

    In a few hours I will be playing for a wedding and I’ve been dreading the stairs up to the choir loft since I saw them yesterday.

    Misty Harrison on #149200

    Last year I had to take a very large concert grand in to a choir loft with stairs just like you are describing. Two men from the choir helped me and we could not use the dolly because of the twists in the stair case. It was very scary and I’m not sure that I would do it again. I know someone who lost a harp having it dropped in exactly this way. Then again this is my job. Hard to say. A clause is a good idea.

    Sylvia Clark on #149201

    Sidney, please let us know how it all worked out yesterday about the stairs at the wedding.

    sidney-butler on #149202

    My harp and I survived.

    adam-b-harris on #149203

    Nice venue Sidney. Shame about the stairs.

    Katherine Denler on #149204

    Hi Sidney,
    In response to your “stairs clause” question, I definitely do! I don’t like asking congregation members, or members of the wedding for help and so whenever I take a wedding or gig I ask if the location is handicap accessible.
    In my contract I specify this as well, in addition to stating additional cartage fee for any venue requiring x number of consecutive steps.

    Make sure you stretch before and after! Nothing is worse than accidentally pulling something right before you need to play.


    Autumn Spencer on #149205

    Lovely pictures, I’m glad you were able to maneuver the stairs without serious problems.

    sidney-butler on #149206

    I don’t think the railing affected the sound much.

    unknown-user on #149207

    Beautiful location – I’ll bet the vaulted ceilings did a great deal to spread your sound throughout, plus it looks like the floor is totally marble, so the reverb must have been wonderful.

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