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    lambdapro on #144465

    I wish to order a couple of tuning pins for a Camac Pedal Harp. I have emailed a couple of dealers but have not gotten a response yet. What is the proper source to contact to purchase parts for a Camac Pedal Harp.
    I need Athena 7th octave D and C tuning pins.

    Marco Hilgeman on #144470

    Hi David,

    Are you in the US? Have you already tried to contact Camac in France? I guess they can help you out to find dealers who can provide you with the tuning pins. Or else Camac can perhaps send them over to you themselves. I own a Camac pedal harp myself and I find they are quite helpful (do note that I live in The Netherlands, so I don’t know how that would work out in the US).

    Anyway, here’s a link to a form you can fill out on their website to get in touch with them:

    Best of luck!

    Anonymous on #144486

    Hi David,

    I had to order strings from Camac in France, and I’m in the US. And they were very helpful. I was surprise that it did not take that long to arrive after the order. I needed a set of strings within about two weeks and I received them a little sooner.

    All the best,

    lambdapro on #144493

    Thank you for the info link for Camac. I was able to get two initial tuning pins to try from Virginia Harp Center.

    I was wondering about the strings that were optimal for the Camac. Will check out how to order from Camac.


    Marco Hilgeman on #144494

    Hi David,

    …”Strings that were optimal for the Camac” …. well that depends on what style you play.

    I recently restrung the 5th to 2nd octave of my Camac Mini Blue pedal harp, because I play with nails on the right hand and the factory strung gut strings already started to fray after 4 months… so I’ve put silkgut on it now and it sounds MUCH better IMO. I play electro-acoustic and so I focus on the electric sound, but it is also a noticable difference acoustically…more volume that is, plus more ‘sparkle’ and clarity.

    Still it’s a matter of taste anyway. One thing I can tell you is that the silkgut strings are not available at Camac…you’d have to contact Bow Brand who distributes them, or Aquila strings in Italy who is the manufacturer.

    But I’ve found my favorite type of strings in silkgut, that’s one thing for sure.

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