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    I would like to record in my apartment, which has 12-foot high ceilings and a rather nice acoustic, but I need to soundproof a couple of doorways to do it. Does anyone know what might work? Would cork panels work, or something else that is simple and hopefully inexpensive?


    The best home studio I have seen used the family’s mattresses over the walls and doors


    We’ve used egg cartons in the past.

    Kind regards,


    Paul and Brenda

    We have used bed comforters.


    I need to keep sound out, rather than in, so would it work to face the egg cartons outward? I forgot about that technique. How effective is cork? Unfortunately, it has gotten expensive. Mattresses aren’t big enough.

    Karen Johns

    What about foam


    I never liked egg salad, but loved eggs, so went about figuring out what was missing. I thought of everything I liked with eggs that was not in egg salad, and decided to try cumin. So now I put cumin in my egg salad and it’s wonderful.

    Now you’re all set.


    Cork is great for deadening sound, ie neutralizing standing wave echoes (I use it in the control room of my studio), but it doesn’t really have any sound proofing/sound insulating properties.

    Matteresses as suggested as a quick fix, it just seems from your situation that you may need quite a few.

    Maybe get creative with your microphone use and placement and the amount of gain you are using to record with.

    What microphones/recording device/other gear are you using for your project?



    Look for Acoustic Foam. I used that in my Music Academy to prevent sound from travelling to next room.

    We used number of stuff, sound insulating drywall, metal sound preventing spacer inside the wall and sound insulating ceiling tile. We still can hear sound in the room next door. Then I order Acoustic Foam (2 inches) from ebay and it worked very good.


    Thank you!

    A certain amount can be handled by placement, but not always enough.

    I have a tascam and a zoom h2, and I have a pair of sony lavalier mics, old voice mics that are quite nice. Nothing fancy.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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