Sleigh ride, anyone?

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    balfour-knight on #238088

    We were just wondering if any of you wonderful harp friends know of a place that offers horse-drawn sleigh rides this time of year, or Jan.–Feb. We live in western NC, USA, and the closer to us the better! This isn’t exactly harp-related, except that we would take our “Cherie” harp along, of course!

    Happy Holidays, all our friends,
    Balfour and Carol Lynn

    harpist123 on #238089

    Breckenridge, CO!!! Wonderful diverse types to choose from! Check them out online! I know it’s a long way to travel, but the scenery is awesome 🙂

    balfour-knight on #238132

    Thanks, Harpist 123. We will check this out online. We do hope there is a sleigh ride closer to us in NC, though!

    Harp Hugs,
    Balfour (and Carol Lynn)

    balfour-knight on #238985

    The information on Breckenridge looks wonderful, but does anyone know about sleigh rides in Ohio? Ma and Pa’s looks nice!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone,
    Balfour and Carol Lynn

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