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    Sylvia on #194124

    I wondered if anyone else gets events on short notice.
    Something similar happened to me a few years ago, but this one was quite amazing.
    A January wedding had been postponed, and I never expected to see it… I figured they got someone else or something.
    But yesterday, the wedding reappeared…same day, with 5 hours notice, and about 1 1/2 driving time away. He asked if I could do it, so I said I could.
    With a blank weekend coming up, it was a nice surprise. I was to play the ceremony only. It was a small wedding at their home, with just the two families.
    I got there, and while setting up on the porch (it was outdoors, and with the distance also, I had charged more), he asked if he could pay me then.
    I said …Sure. Well, he came back with a fat envelope (I always ask for cash because it works so well at the grocery store.) He said because it was such short notice he was giving me more, and was that OK? Well, he tipped me $150, so I said…WOW, thank you. Grocery money. I really appreciate it.
    I like them to know their money is going to a worthy cause….like food, for instance.
    Anyway, it was a nice experience. Besides the $$$, I was hearing the B word (beautiful) afterward. That is what I always want to hear.

    Jerusha Amado on #194163

    Hi Sylvia,

    Yes, I sometimes get events on very short notice, but not weddings, as I only do non-wedding gigs. I just recently was asked to play for a Sunday brunch for an assisted-living place that needed a harpist in a hurry. Like yours, my event turned out very well! I’m glad that you received extra pay and many compliments! That’s wonderful to hear.

    Sylvia on #194173

    It was really quite bizarre. Usually, if there’s a tip, it will be $20. I know it wasn’t a mistake because he told me the amount when he gave it to me.
    The people didn’t appear to be super rich, but it was a nice place with a pool and big enough to have huge utility bills. Maybe he was just in a good mood.

    balfour-knight on #194180

    Sylvia, that was a great story! We LOVE your wedding books! Jerusha, it is too bad that you don’t play for weddings; that is where Sylvia and we, too, get so many good stories to tell, ha, ha!

    About two weeks ago, I played the harp, “Cherie,” for a gentleman’s 98th birthday party at a local retirement home. His niece actually put 98 large candles on his huge sheet-cake, and while they were all burning, it accidentally set off the fire alarm, which no one heard because we were singing “Happy Birthday” to him. In about 5 minutes, here came the fire brigade, about eight young men who were SO GLAD there was no fire. They had their pictures made with the birthday “boy” and were treated to pieces of cake with harp music! Lucky guys, right? It was a great experience!

    Best wishes and Happy Easter,

    Jerusha Amado on #194182

    Hi Balfour,

    That’s a wonderful story! Have a happy, blessed Easter!


    Jerusha Amado on #194183

    Hi Sylvia,

    Just thinking about my own wedding (many moons ago)…I remember paying the musicians double their fee when the wedding was over. They were thrilled. My husband and I didn’t have much money then, and I couldn’t read music or even play an instrument at the time, but fortunately I understood the importance of having beautiful live music at milestone events in one’s life.

    Sylvia on #194189

    Thank goodness there wasn’t a real fire because no one could have heard the alarm! Balfour, I’m so glad someone appreciates all my work. Never, never publish…it’s tons of work, expensive, and you have to sell at a really low price to get anyone to buy. (no profit)
    Jerusha, paying them so much more was such a sweet thing to do. I’m sure they were glad to have it and remember you always. You could expand your territory and try playing some weddings to see if you like doing them.

    erin-wood on #194190

    I think you could turn that into a Strange but True Story for the Harp Column! I think it was pretty entertaining!

    balfour-knight on #194198

    Thanks, Jerusha and Erin, if you were talking about my recent experience with the 98th birthday party and the fire alarm story! Last year, I did send in a funny story about a wedding I played for at a local “castle” that has not been published yet by Harp Column, so maybe this would make a good story for them–any more feedback on writing a story for HC and getting it published?

    Best wishes everyone,

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