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    mel-l on #160897

    Hi to all of you harpists !

    I started taking harp lessons in January this year and it has been the realisation of a dream for me. I am a violinist, but harp was my first choice of instrument when I was 9. There was no teacher in my area and so I picked up violin instead but that wish to play that beautiful instrument followed me through adulthood. Now, I am 31 and I decided to go ahead and play the harp !

    I practise religiously and I love every moment of it. I feel very connected to the harp. Since I love it so much, I decided to invest and took the plunge…I just bought my own harp. It is a Lyon and Healy Ogden and I just love it. It has a gorgeous sound ! Of course my ultimate dream would be one day to acquire a pedal harp and I know this day will come. All of this has been a dream come true for me. I just wanted to share how happy I feel 🙂

    I wish you all to fulfill your dreams whatever they may be 🙂

    Indra Prabowo on #160898

    Congratulation Mel.
    Just like you, I finally purchased my first harp & started taking lesson

    Mel Sandberg on #160899

    Hi Mel

    Well done – very best of luck.

    tony-morosco on #160900

    Congratulations. I have no doubt that you will find the harp a rewarding instrument to play. And start saving now for that pedal harp.

    Geri McQuillen on #160901

    Top of the mornin’ Mel and welcome to Harp Addicts Not So Anonymous.

    kay-lister on #160902


    It just keeps getting better and better.

    Kay :-)

    Audrey Nickel on #160903


    Pat Eisenberger on #160904

    Good for you! I’ve played many instruments in my lifetime, but stumbled by a harper at a festival 8 years ago. I swear, I fell under an enchantment! As an “older” beginner, I have to say that it is the most magical part of my life.

    Welcome to the world of enchantment!

    Carm Zephyr on #160905

    Congrats Mel,

    I have had my harp for a couple of weeks now, It’s a hire one but I absolutely love her! I play piano but have fallen under the spell of the harp and I’m so glad I decided to switch. I wish I had discovered the harp sooner but better late than never I guess. I share your joy! I’m very happy for you 🙂

    Happy harping, from Carm xx

    rod-c on #160906


    Cudos to you for following your dream. Two of my friends of Ogdens..and you’re right, they are fine harps. Lovely sound!

    Rod C.

    Carm Zephyr on #160907

    Oh and Pat,

    I totally agree with you, It truelly is the world of enchantment! there is something absolutely magical about playing the harp. I’m officially a harp addict

    unknown-user on #160908

    Hi Mel, I know how you feel. I took up classical guitar when I was young, as the next best option to harp. Back then, the only harps I knew were the big pedal harps played in orchestras. I came across folk harps some 10 years later, but by then was committed to guitar. After I retired several years ago, I took the plunge and started in harp, in my case, a Paraguayan. The only local teacher declined to take me, as it has low tension strings, so a different, and probably easier technique is used to play it, compared with that for pedal harps. So, I got some tips on technique from the internet (, and used my experience from playing piano and guitar to develop my own technique.

    Yes, the harp does have a certain magic, even the sight of one is enchanting, then when it’s played, wow! It seems to enjoy a deal of prestige, like the violin. Actually, I believe that as reasonably competent harp players, we are under obligation to the community to give folks a lift, for example to those in hospitals, nursing homes, as well as kindergartens, elementary schools, even prisons. Maybe, you have thought of doing this sort of thing.

    So, do keep practicing, Mel,



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